Buy Low Price Avid Elixir R Hydraulic Bicycle Disc Brake (B001UA73L8)

Buy low price Avid Elixir R Hydraulic Bicycle Disc Brake (B001UA73L8). This awesome Bike Brake Parts will suit your bike. Buy Avid Elixir R Hydraulic Bicycle Disc Brake (B001UA73L8) and increase your bike performance today.

Image of Avid Elixir R Hydraulic Bicycle Disc Brake (B001UA73L8)

Avid Elixir R Hydraulic Bicycle Disc Brake (B001UA73L8)

Avid Elixir R Hydraulic Bicycle Disc Brake is a bike brake part product from Avid Bike Brake Parts. This Avid Elixir R Hydraulic Bicycle Disc Brake will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time. A solid all-around brake and ranked between the Juicy and Code for power output, the Avid Elixir R Disc Brake features AvidAAAs new Taperbore technology. TaporBore design means the fluid reservoir and piston share the same space, which not only looks sleek, it also shaves grams, improves lever feedback, and gives you more braking power and control.

Product Features

  • Lever:
  • Lever Adjustability: reach (tool free)
  • Actuation:
  • Caliper:
  • Caliper Adjustability: Tri-Align
  • Mount Type:
  • Fluid:
  • Pre-Bled:
  • Rotor:
  • Rotor Size:
  • Rotor Attachment: 6-bolt
  • Weight: (with 160mm rotor, front post mount) 375 g
  • Recommended Use: stopping your XC missile
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Dial in everything about your ride with the sure-stopping Avid Elixir R hydraulic bicycle disc brake. The Elixir R is built with a simple philosophy: a good brake must work in perfect harmony with your hand, give you precise control, and be easier to install than a virus on your PC. Avid accomplishes these goals through a variety of sophisticated technologies. The patent-pending TaperBore system, for example, refers to a new closure system in the company’s Elixir levers. The TaperBore saves weight, looks super sleek, improves lever feedback, and most importantly, gives you more power and control. The brake also offers tool-free reach adjustment, letting you easily adjust the point in the lever’s throw where the pads contact the rotor. This helps you do two simple things: it lets you pick the most comfortable position for your fingers, so you can perfectly match your fingers to the brake’s power; and it lets you balance both levers so they contact at the same point, which helps you dial in the perfect ride.

At the end of the day, a brake lever simply multiplies the force your hand generates, just like a nutcracker. Avid’s Power Reserve Geometry, however, promotes a fundamentally different philosophy by designing its levers with the pivot closer to the handlebar. The resulting lever movement has less inward travel, an arc that’s closer to your fingers’ natural motion, and a grip that delivers more force to the brake. Avid also makes your life easier by making the Elixir R easy to install. With Avid’s Tri-Align Caliper Positioning System, it takes just a few short seconds to align the caliper to the rotor. Simply loosen the CPS bolts a little, then squeeze the brake lever while simultaneously re-tightening the bolts. The resulting caliper alignment is perfect, and you can probably do it with your eyes closed. Finally, the Elixir R offers an advanced heat management system called DOT 5.1. The system takes almost three times longer to boil than DOT 4, allowing the brake to perform flawlessly in even more extreme conditions. Other features include an adjustable banjo and an optional carbon fiber lever blade.


  • Finish: Flash silver or white (body and caliper); tungsten gray (lever)
  • Intended use: All uses
  • TaberBore technology: Yes
  • Lever blade: Forged aluminum or carbon fiber
  • Rotor: G3 Clean Sweep 160/185/203mm; G3 Center Lock rotors now available in 160/185mm
  • Pad type: Sintered, top loading
  • Fluid type: Dot 5.1
  • Reach adjustment: Tool-free
  • Clamp design: Split clamp, MatchMaker compatible
  • Tri-Align/Two-Piece Caliper Positioning System: Yes
  • Power Reserve Geometry: Yes
  • Ambidextrous: Yes
  • Weight: 0.82 pounds (aluminum blade), 0.8 pounds (carbon fiber blade)

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