Shimano Rt97 Lock Ring And Washer (Y8HN98050)

Image of Shimano Rt97 Lock Ring And Washer (Y8HN98050)

Shimano Rt97 Lock Ring And Washer (Y8HN98050)

Shimano Rt97 Lock Ring And Washer is a bike brake part product from Shimano Bike Brake Parts. This Shimano Rt97 Lock Ring And Washer will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time. (IS): 6-bolt/44mmBCD International Standard, (CL) 35mm CenterLock spline-mount (note: Saint-M800 47mm Oversized-CenterLock spline-mount rotors and lockrings have been discontinued) All rotors include hardware: either 6-bolt or CenterLock lockring+washer (lockrings for thru-axle applications available separately) RT97 CenterLock rotors are for XTR applications (replaces older RT96 version) RT79 CenterLock rotors are for Saint/XT-level applications (replaces older RT78/77 versions) RT76/75 6-bolt rotors can be used with all Shimano disc brake systems: XTR,Saint,XT,SLX,LX,Deore,etc. (note: the newer RT76 rotor uses a lightweight 2-piece design with a 5-arm aluminum carrier and a stainless steel rotor) CenterLock lockring/washer applications: (QR) for quick-release hubs, (TA) for thru-axle, and (F or R) for front or rear when applicable Click here for more details

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