Buy Low Price SwissStop Disc Brake Pad Set (B008H5T1PK)

Buy low price SwissStop Disc Brake Pad Set (B008H5T1PK). This awesome Bike Brake Parts will suit your bike. Buy SwissStop Disc Brake Pad Set (B008H5T1PK) and increase your bike performance today.

Image of SwissStop Disc Brake Pad Set (B008H5T1PK)

SwissStop Disc Brake Pad Set (B008H5T1PK)

SwissStop Disc Brake Pad Set is a bike brake part product from SwissStop Bike Brake Parts. This SwissStop Disc Brake Pad Set will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time. The Swiss Alps, no doubt, are home to some spectacular and demanding mountain bike terrain. SwissStop’s testing facility is nestled there as well. Their technicians tirelessly test and re-test brake pad compounds so you can ride with confidence knowing the best stopping power and control available is right there at your fingertips. SwissStop Disc Brake pads are built of a proprietary compound containing ceramic, kevlar, brass, and resin. This unique mixture provides you with the quiet modulation of an organic pad, but also boasts the durability and wet condition performance of the metallic. The pads are intended for all mountain bike applications from cross country to downhill. If you’re looking for the best performance in all conditions, look no further than SwissStop, regardless of which brand of brakes you ride. The pad model/brake compatibility matrix is as follows:Disc 10 — up to 2008 Magura Marta / Marta SL / Type 5.2Disc 16 — Shimano XTR-M965 / 966 / XT 765 / LX 585 / Deore 535 / Saint / HoneDisc 17 — Avid Juicy 5 / Juicy 7 / BB7 MechanicalDisc 18 — Formula OroDisc 21 — Magura 2009-current Marta SL / Louise 2007 / Type 6.2Disc 22 — Avid Code / Code 5Disc 25 — Formula R1 / The ONE / MegaDisc 26 — Avid Elixir

Product Features

  • Material: organic
  • Attachment Type:
  • Diameter:
  • Compatibility: [disc 10] Magura Marta, Magura Marta SL; [disc16] Shimano XTR BR-M975, BR-M966, XT BR-M775, BR-M765, LX BR-M585, Deore BR-M535, Saint, Hone, SLX 2009 BRM665; [disc 17] Avid Juicy, 3, 5, 7, Ultimate, BB7 mechanical; [disc 18] Formula ORO; [disc 21] Magura Louise 2007/08, Julie 2009, Marta 2009; [disc 22] Avid Code, Code 5; [disc 25] Formula Mega, The One, R1, RX; [disc 26] Avid Elixir
  • Weight: 22 g
  • Recommended Use: stopping those big meats
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

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